Walsall People provide gardening, decorating and handyman services in WalsallWalsall People provide gardening, decorating and handyman services in Walsall
Walsall People provide Handy Man Decorating, Gardening and Repair services for everyone in the Walsall, Aldridge and Sutton Coldfield area........ contact us for more information

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shed Alarms and Door viewer

We are all advised to be wary of strangers approaching us in our homes and urged to take steps to protect ourselves. Here are some free products available from West Midlands Police, one of which is specifically targeted at older residents.

Door Viewer Intercom

Easy to fit and use, this simple intercom is used in conjunction with a wide-angle door viewer and consists of two small microphone and loudspeaker units which fit on each side of the door, enabling the occupant to see and speak to visitors without having to open the door. Unwanted visitors or bogus callers have a much-reduced chance of gaining entry. The unit requires a 18mm hole to be drilled, or an existing door viewer. Available for the elderly or other vulnerable householders. Batteries supplied.

contact details are noted below:

All areas in Walsall Borough
Kevin Pitt
Walsall Partnerships Team
Walsall Police Station
Green Lane
01922 439103

If you have any concerns about fitting the intercom and door viewer then Walsall People can do this work for you

Shed Alarms This keypad PIR (passive infra-red) alarm is primarily aimed at shed owners and provides protection against intruders and forced entry. It has a powerful 130+ dB's siren, four digit keypad control, magnetic door/window contact and entry/exit delay. This unit requires 3 AAA batteries which are NOT SUPPLIED.

These items are offered free to the residents of Walsall Borough but do have to be collected, either direct from Green Lane Police Station or arrangements can be made for collection from your local Police Station if that is easier. If you wish to take advantage of these free items but are unable to get to a Police Station, please contact Walsall People. The Police have agreed that in exceptional circumstances, they will allow Walsall People to collect the items on behalf of clients who have requested our help with fitting them.

Please remember that Walsall People is a local enterprise, set up to help the people of Walsall Borough with all your little jobs, both in the house and garden. If you have any jobs you need assistance with, please call us.

See Contact page for Walsall People

Registered office for correspondence only:
Walsall People. 127 Station road, Aldridge, Walsall, West midlands WS9 0BW

Your local Handymen, Painters and Gardening Services in Walsall to look after your handyman, maintenance and repair needs.

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