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info here about Trash nothing / freecycle, the way to recycle items too good to throw away !

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A FREE service for Walsall residents

Don't throw it away, give it away!

It's very easy to get started, just go to....
Freecycle - Freegle Walsall ( FREE ) ....but first read the details below:

We all have items at home in the loft, shed or garage which are in good / useable condition, however when you want to have a tidy up or clear the house of unwanted items, it is worth considering Walsall Freegle, where you can offer your household, motoring or garden items to somebody else who will be grateful to make use of it and collect it from you !

Naturally this works the other way around, so if you need a spade or spare TV, you can always make a request of Wanted items and you will often get what you need free of charge !

Of course all this exchange of items must be done free, no money is exchanged !

If your item is so valueable that you need to sell it, then find another way to do that, but not on Walsall Freegle.

Walsall People Handyman Services have helped many customers by explaining and assisting with items that are unwanted with excellent results, which save our customers spending money on removals, skip hire, petrol and even backache !

We have had examples where customers wanted to update the garden and needed to get rid of garden swings and kids toys, then remove bedding plants and shrubs along with paving slabs and of course the redundant lawn mower and garden tools......

all these item were donated free, to anyone who wanted them and was prepared to come and collect, which was great for all those involved and saved lots of things going into skips and landfill.

So if you have a sofa, bed, TV, books, appliances or almost anything that can be used, that is no longer needed dont struggle down to the tip or pay somebody to take it away, donate it via Walsall Freegle.

Important...strictly no animals or pets !

It's very easy to get started, just go to....
Freegle Walsall ( FREE )

I am sure you will find it very useful !

Good luck.


Walsall People

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